• First Green Education Speaker

    Save on power without sacrificing sound

  • Specifically For The Classroom

    Designed for AV businesses by an AV Business

Most Cost-Effective Speaker On The Market

Designed by international sound engineers for the Australian classroom with years of experience working in education. We know what each classroom needs, we know where problems occur – so we got rid of all the fluff to make it more cost-effective, while providing better quality for all your clients.

White in Colour, Green on Power

Switches off automatically after 90 seconds, no buzz ever, and draws the least amount of standby power than the other popular models on the market that we compared.

Sounds like a nightclub in here

30W power with crystal clarity and plenty of room to move. 3-way speaker designed to give you a full frequency sound. No classroom will need to take it to full blast, but designed with enough flexibility to suit a media & arts lesson to one that needs quality for a movie.

1,000s in Use, 110% Satisfaction

Our sound engineers tested and kicked the extras to the curb.


We sourced the highest quality components and got rid of those that weren’t used.


Put through hours of stress tests and quality inspections. You won’t damage these, ever.


Say goodbye to your oversized, ugly speakers. We packed the biggest punch in the smallest package.

Quality Without The Price

We tested and used these day in day out with our clients before putting our name on it – not a single client has come back unsatisfied, smiles all around.

Test Out Our Support Team

Really – we challenge you. Australian based support team known for solving problems.

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